• India Bangladesh Semifinals cricketer wife traditional ethnic outfits

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    India vs Bangladesh Semifinals

    The India Bangladesh semifinal match of Champion’s trophy 2017 is supposed to be a great one. Especially for Bangladesh which is always seen as the underdogs. The Bangladeshi team has moved from strength to strength and has been in the best form. Hope they give a tough fight to the Indians and we hope that India does not get a sitter of a game win like how it happened against Pakistan.

    The India-Bangladesh players most of them are married and have gorgeous wives that the ladies can take some fashion tips from. These are the better halves or girl friend of the past captains and current captain in the men in blue and men in green squad. Since both the countries are from the subcontinent and since Bangladesh was a part of India earlier there is not much of a difference in the fashion style of the women in these countries.

    Here is the list of the 5 most beautiful wife of Bangladesh and Indian cricketers you need to watch out for in order to get fashionable.

    1. Tamim Iqbal’s wife Iyesha

    Tamim Iqbal wife traditional dresses

    The former Test captain and the dashing one day batsman has an equally beautiful wife Ayesha. She is an all-rounder when it comes to dressing and looks good in both ethnic dresses as well as western dresses. She said Qubool hai to Tamim in 2013 before enjoying an 8 year courtship period. She would be in the stands probably cheering her hubby.


    1. Mushfiqur Rahim’s wife Jannatul Kefayat

    Mushfiqur-Rahim wife Jannetul Indian dress             Mushfiqur-Rahim-wife fashion

    The captain of the current Bangladesh team also has a beautiful wife that is hard to find anywhere. Just as her name Jannatul has beauty which is heavenly as can be seen in her nikah pic


    1. Shakib Al Hasan’s wife Umme Ahmed Sishir


    The all-rounder has a software engineer wife who looks like a glamdoll. You can see her bridal saree which looks out of the world. The love bug bit them in 2010 when SHakib was playing county cricket in England and Umme was studying there.


    1. Virat Kohli’s girl Anushka Sharma

    Anushka sharma black indian suit    Anushka-Sharma-indian dress

    If you are in any part of the world you can never miss the on and off field flamboyant Virat Kohli who is beaming with confidence. His source of inspiration is the Bollywood bombshell Anushka Sharma who cleared him up after the 2013 ad shoot they did together. Anushka is known for her fashionable avatar in Indian movies right from her first movie Rab na Bana de Jodi to Philluri. She has worn anything from a salwaar kameez to a bikini with grace keeping her sex appeal intact. Here are a few of her Indian dress pics


    1. Sakshi Dhoni the wife of cool head MS Dhoni

    sakshi-ms-dhoni wife

    sakshi-ms-dhoni wife baby pink saree

    There is a sense of coolness in this man that makes him so your own yet a respect claiming person. M S has seen some trying times in his career and at those juncture the woman who was with him was his childhood friend and now wife Sakshi. Whenever she is seen in parties and hanging out with her husbands she seems to have a great fashion sense.


    I hope you enjoyed the blog. Please post in your valuable comments in the comment section below.

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  • Ethnic Dresses to wear in rainy season

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    Stylish bazaar dresses in rainy season

    Burning warmth is a consistent element of Indian summer however the period of rain has brought about pageantry and joy in the atmosphere. It is a time of romance and making of relational unions and going to social gatherings. It is a time when you would love to go for a date if you are single or with spend time with your boyfriend or husband. It is also a time when there would be marriage and parties that you would like to attend. In these rainy conditions it is very important to wear a suitable fabric and color.   With regards to the decision of material if you want to go traditional or indo-western in your casual or bridal attire. The following are attire to go for:

    1. Cotton

    Its permeable nature enables the skin to inhale and subsequently keeps the body cool. Heat can be an issue when there is just a small shower and the atmosphere gets heated. Its characteristic also keep a wide range of sensitivities that are generally caused by wearing linen and knits which shrink in winter. Frequently we hear that cool whites, blues and any light hues are the best! White or light hues mirror the warmth while dull hues retain warm. The general stylish impact of whites and lights is additionally great in the rainy season


    1. Nylon and chiffon

    These fabric are an absolute necessity for a lady in the rainy season. Aside from having great colors they can be handy during heavy rains because they dry pretty easily. This is something that would be an  absolute neccisity in downpours. Chiffon and nylon sarees are give you the ideal solace. Chiffon dupatta can also be a good accompaniment with the salwaar kameez. Therefore dresses and saris of these texture are a savvy alternative for the rainstorms.



    You have to also look into the following aspects:

    1. Skin tone: The skin is either light, medium or dim. So there are a few hues that everyone can get hold of independent of the skin tone.


    1. Light: Pastel tints and gentler tones, for example, lilac and light blue work by and large for all skin tones and sizes. Avoid cream and beige as they may make you seem drained and dull.


    1. Reflect Mirror on the Wall: When purchasing new garments, remain before a mirror, hold them up against your neck, and take a gander at them as for your own shadow. A delightful shadow may not look as great on you as it will on another person. In a perfect world, it ought to make your skin look brighter and more lustrous (not to be mistaken for more attractive). If not, attempt a shade that might really astonish you.


    1. Go the regular way: Colors nearer to your skin tone will look better on you. For instance, dull darker or maroon will suit dim cleaned young ladies while rose pink will suit reasonable young ladies.


    1. Comfort: A definitive certainty originates from feeling great in your own skin so pay more importance to comfort inclinations too.


    If you have been searching for some motivation for your closet this rainy season. You have landed at the perfect place. Here are some amazing hues that are a hit this year. You should dress in them for get-together, marriage and festivals like Eid and Diwali without a doubt.


    Here are few hints to pick and wear the correct sort of garments:


    • Wearing free garments is prudent to help available for use.


    • Broad necks are constantly fitting.


    • Instead of pants go in for free or greater base like a palazzo, dhoti salwaar or patiala.


    • Avoid coats and thick material tops.


    • Cotton salwar kameez are the best outfit.


    • Avoid wearing manufactured tights and slacks.


    After taking into consideration the dress. You should also take special care about using the right cosmetics, a decent haircut, staggering bit of gems and a flawless combination of shoes with your outfit. This is all that you require with any of your suits or sarees this rainy season.

    Go! Go!  Go! Search for the shades that look best on you this late spring/ rainy season.

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  • Zoya engaged latest wholesale and retail heavy designer zoya women designs

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    In India, ladies can't think without suits because after saree the most sort after marriage outfiit in ethnic wear is salwaar suits. Zoya engage are the most agreeable clothing for ladies after saree . They are the significant picks by in vogue ladies. The  bodice or weaving done over the top will give you a desi swag. After all how might one overlook a piece when it's about form and style statement!. That is the reason for them being famous customary dresses in India. These  four Zoya dresses are the best ethnic outfits that you can get . They will help you to get a flawless style to upgrade with.  

    Do you believe that you would be able to choose one from the four? Can you rely on one out of them ? No dear, here these recent styles of salwars which bestow extreme pattern to spoil your internal stylist.. 

    Zoya engaged beige long choli lehenga Bollywood style embroidered outfit 21001

    The gown has a neckline of a heart with net fabric sleeves and floral embroidery work pattern all over. The long kameez comes with a flowery work design lehenga bottom with gold and silver leaf design on it. The dupatta is also of net material . The lehenga and top is a great buy for Diwali or EID as well as wedding parties.

    Shop latest Zoya indowestern floor length engaged Ramadan anarkali gown 21002

    The Indowestern style zoya engage gown anarkali is just right for occasion like that you exhibit late evening reception or wedding party. The embroidery work in the neck, and the part below the waist with gold flower pattern. Ornamental floret pattern with design in the skirt with off shoulders and square pattern in the back is awesome. There is square flower pattern all over the dupatta. The gown is made of net while the bottom is santoon and the orna is of santoon.

    Yellow latest designer zoya engaged ramadaan eid indowestern gown pfeng21003

    Engagement function, college days, Ramadaan Eid, annual day gown. Zoya Engage collection gown lemon yellow color flashy for DJ party. The waist belt has unique style with  v neck flower pattern embroidery all over. The net shape silver ornamental design in the skirt part. A high heel or flat would look good with the suit. Light shade western outfit style salwaar kameez for a different and unique look. The gown style long kameez is of net while the salwar is santoon and the chunni is net.

    Shop chocolate brown Zoya engaged reception & party women desi gown suit 21004

    Big fat Indian marriage, Indian lavish get-together, Eid special Zoya Engage outfit. The brown round neck gown has a red and yellow rosette with greeneries and net lines design in the chest, sleeves and at the skirt part of the top. Solid colors and design make you go for extraordinary elegance of a royal outfit. Brown dupatta with heavy gold lace border. The dress is fully clad match as your boutique dress

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  • Shop online for our eid dresses latest Eid collection 2017

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    EID Mubarak outfits

    Eid is one of the two major festive commemorations in the Islamic calendar in which people wish each other and wear special eid dresses . It is a day of cheerfulness from Allah as a gift for the (ibadat) worship. Two of them come in the Muslim colander. The first being Eid –ul-Fitr and the second being Eid-ud-duha. The prior comes after the 9th month of Ramdhan while Eid-ul-duha falls after 10th moon of Zilqad (11th month of Islamic calendar). The latter is celebrated to remember the sacrifice of Allah by prophet Abraham-alaihissalam (pbuh). The second Eid was started by the prophet Muhammad- sallallaho alaihe wasallam (pbuh). It comes after a period of fasting, prayers, purification and practicing self-disciplinary measures in order to come near to Allah. It is the most ancient festival for the Muslims around the world It falls on the first day of the month of Shawwal at the end of the month of Ramadan. This fasting time which is around 29 or 30 days ends with a day of celebration that is also called Ramzan Eid.

    According to the Holy Quran prophet Mohommed who was an orphan raised by his uncle and he lived for 40 years to be a good trader. However he was dissatisfied with his life and he retreated to the caves to find some purpose in his life. During the month of Ramazan he was visited by the angel Jibrael-ali-Salam (PBUH) or the angel Gabriel and told him everything about the divinity and philosophy as well as his true goal in his life. He was directed by the angel for the next 25 years to build up this amazing Mohomedean religion.


    It is believed that this holy acquaintance with the angel of the Lord started during the month of Ramdaan. With Laylat al Qadri being taken as the holy night when this knowledge was revealed to him. 'Eid ul-Fitr's a Muslim occasion that denotes the finish of Ramadan commends the finish of the 29 or 30 days of day break to-dusk fasting amid the whole month of Ramadan. It is also a place where Muslims all around the world unite together in prayers and celebration.  


    Ramdan is a precious month of worshiping Allah with all your heart, mind and soul. SO do not waste this important time of being one with the Lord in petty stuff like going around shopping for clothes. Moreover you would be busy with the prayers during the whole day. Taking this into consideration Stylish bazaar has brought you the best ethnic clothes for Ramadaan EID which will surely make you eid dresses ready. Moreover we provide you a guarantee that you will get your dresses on time for you celebration.

    Here is a list of our handpicked dresses for Eid  

    1. Shop Chocolate Brown Zoya Engaged Reception & Party Women Desi Gown Suit PFENG21004

    This is a special Eid Zoya Engage outfit. The brown round neck gown style clothes have red and yellow roses with leaves and net line design in the chest, sleeves and at the skirt part of the top. Solid shades and design will help you to get an amazing flamboyance fit for a queen. The brown dupatta with thick gold lace border increases the look further. The bottom is also a great match with the top. The fabric in the top is net in the salwaar its santoon and chuner is net.

    1. Shop Mouni Roy Marriage And Eid Specal Green Indian Ladies Online Gown AR18002

    Mouni Roy hot green EID dress is sure to take you places if you want to go green. The round neck anarkali gown has brilliant ornamental flower pattern design in chest and on the sleeves. The pink roses planted at the skirt makes the look all the more appealing. The lace border at the end of the gown will make you look all the more amazing. The green dupatta also make the look all the more attractive. It will also fit in your budget and if you order it soon you are sure to get it stitched on time. If you are invited for Bollywood Iftar party you can wear this dress as well.

    1. Blue Fully Embroidered Georgette Wedding Women And Eid Anarkali GLSPH7217


    The blue Georgette anarkali has a gold design in the neck and at the elbow which gives it a gold platted look. The embroidery work in chest and at the sleeves with zig zag design implanted with flowers in the skirt part looks awesome. The bottom is made of santoon and it is teamed up with a chiffon orni The dress is a sure hit for your wardrobe of eid dresses.

    1. Navy Blue Long Kameez Lenhenga Islamic Dresses For EID And Bridal Event GLSPH7216

    The Dark blue color long mid slit kameez has excellent blue flower design in the sleeves and the chest. The gold embroidery work pattern all over the long top makes the look all the more prominent. The dark blue lehenga has a golden color border at the end which will make your look all the more thrilling in your collection for Eid clothes.

    1. Grey Sapphire Traditional Wedding Anarkali For Women Online ShoppingGLSPH7212



      The Georgette grey collar pattern top has amazing gold lace border at the end. The golden embroidery work collar with flower pattern all over the chest and in the skirt part looks amazing. The bottom with dioamond work enhances the look further.

    These dress are sure to become a rage in any party, wedding that are in our eid dresses collection 2017.

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  • Exclusive!! New ZOYA Crystal Collection On Stylish Bazaar

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    ZOYA The name itself leaves an impression of fashion and style. Zoya is once again coming up with a marvellous

    collection of lehenga and dressesnot only for Zoya but more so for Fashion Lovers. Pioneering and setting up a new

    trend is what we are are looking forward to in this upcoming collection. The quality and style of ZOYA products is un

    questionable and hard to match. 

    If you are about to shop Just Wait, THE BEST IS COMING.


    Make a grand entry with this Zoya designer wear dress that has floral embroidery work at the top and around the borders. The back area with the flowers and the net design makes it glowingly beautiful. You will feel the richness in you with this outstanding dress. This dress comes with a dual attire.

    Zoya Crystal  PFCR01


    Get ready for all the attention and praises at any Party, Wedding or festive occasion with this stunning grey designer zoya dress. Eye-Catching Embroidery work done in resham, zari, sequins work gives it a distinct look. Beautiful Work is done on the sleeves too what makes it stand apart. This dress comes with a dual style.


    This alluring zoya dress is just what you need to be the girl of the evening. It has a gold and jacket style top. From the waist the bottom is featuring beautiful gold color embroidery work that will surely make heads turn to you. This dress comes with a dual attire.

    ZOYA Crystal       Zoya Crystal



    Be an angel and create and ascertain a smashing impression on for every person by wearing this zoya orange dress. Beautified with embroidered work all synchronized well with the design and style of the attire. This dress comes with a dual style.

    Zoya Crystal.    Zoya Crystal


    Add a vibrant burst of colour for the wardrobe with this black designer zoya dress. Beautified with embroidered and sequins work all synchronized very well with all the pattern and style of the attire. Comes with dual style.

    Zoya Crystal Salwaar Suit   Zoya Crystal Salwaar Suit


    We are to breathe life into your aspirations and to make a mark in the world of style. This pink colored zoya crystal dress is accenting the gorgeous feeling. Beautified and stylized with floral embroidered and patch border work to give you an attractive look. Comes with a dual style.

    Zoya Crystal Salwaar Suit   Zoya Crystal Salwaar Kameez


    Ravishing attire to enhance your beauty. Style and design and pattern could be on the peak of your splendor the moment you dresses this zoya crystal dress. The ethnic embroidered and patch border work for the attire adds a sign of magnificence statement for your look.

    Zoya Crystal Salwaar Suit   Zoya crystal Salwaar Suit

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