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How To Drape A Saree - Get Ideas for Inspiration

India is a multicultural nation it has 29 state and each state of women drape their sari differently Even if any designer observe draping style very carefully but it’s hard to get perfect idea thus today’s fashion designer stick to some of the basic sari draping style and add some variation into it and make it vivid First of all I am going to show you the three basic style of sari draping

Gujarati style of sari draping

See the lahenga saree images these sarees draped in Guajarati style and the pallu of the saree comes from back to front through right shoulder or left shoulder this is the very basic style of saree draping.

Bengali style of sari draping


See the party wear sarees draped in Bengali style slightly different from Gujarati style as you see in the images that in first image pallu comes from back but through waist and go towards up on the left shoulder and spread at front on left hand. In second image the only difference is the pallu goes at the back and again come up at front from down the shoulder or up the shoulder the way one would want to


Rina Mukherjee in Marathi style saree.  Here you see the marthi style saree image In the first place tuck the end, just Saree underskirt and keep on coming back to a complete pivot from right to left. Fit the base of the saree to the stature you require. Preferably wear your footwear with the goal that you wrap the saree to the right length comfortably.

These all are the basic form of sari draping and people add many variations in to it to be in different style. Have look at In the Images below


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