India is a Huge country. There are many different languages spoken across the nation. But one thing that remains common among Indian Women is the Saree. Though the style of draping may differ, but the sari is the constant identification feature. Broadly the Indian Saree draping style can be classified as follows.

1. Contemporary Sarees Draping Style

It is the latest style used by most modern ladies. This style has cut across the regional barrier and become the favorite of many women. It is effortless to handle with the assistance of a pin. It looks Smart and glamorous.

2. Nivi Saree Draping Style

This is also the most popular saree style with a mix of style and glamour.

3. Rajasthani Sarees Draping Style

From the Royal State Rajasthan Comes this famous Rajasthani Draping Style. This is highly regal and luxurious style. due to its vivacious style it is loved by the women of Rajasthan and all over India.

4. Bengali Sariz Drapping Style

From the State of Sweets, Bengal comes this unique style called the Bengali Saree Draping Style. Bengali sarees  look different and distinct due to their stylish blouses. This is highly glamorous and Stunning style.

5. Maharashtrian Saree Draping style

This Saree Draping style from the costal state is unique and distinct. It is made more popular by the Mumbai Cinema or the Bollywood. This style is kaccha style and somewhat similar to men’s Dhotis.

6. Gujarati Saris Draping Style

As the name suggests it is the draping style from the Western Indian State, Gujarat. The Gujarati saree style looks very elegant and decent. It is not just loved by the women of Gujarat but all over India, due to its vibrant style.



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