Like any other garment in the world, the saree too has some dos and don’ts.


Number one fashion tip for wearing any garment in the world is to wear it according to the occasion. No doubt everybody has the commonsense to know what to wear. This is a just a gentle reminder from our side. If you are not dressed appropriately according to the occasion you will feel uncomfortable, conversely if you are dressed properly according to the occasion you feel confident and gain complements.


Yes, we know you are very beautiful, but a little make-up won’t do any harm or if it is a wedding function you might like some heavy make-up (PS: Most Indian women prefer heavy make-up during marriages. if you prefer lighter make-up it’s your personal choice and we surely have no objections)


Footwear plays an important role in the overall looks of the person, more so when you are wearing a saree. Generally the sarees are floor length and does not allow the footwear to be seen. But you must not wear flat chappals or very low heels with a designer or partywear saree, because it will make walking a little uncomfortable. You must opt for a slightly higher heels (or Pencil if you are comfortable with it). If you are wearing a saree for casual wear or a daily wear than you can use any comfortable footwear because daily wear sarees are usually not worn to the floor length, they are just around ankle length.


Fashion accessories can make you stand out in the crowd. With a saree you can combine:

  • Earrings (thousands of designs are available out there, you have to be your own judge and select the best).
  • Glasses or Shades (if it is not a night party, Off course!).
  • A nice Watch.
  • Purse (A slightly bigger will help, it allows to keep all other extra baggage in it and make you a free mover).
  • A Bindi (Icing on the cake).
  • Bangles (Silver, Golden or laal neeli peeli hari churiya!)
  • Necklaces / Neckpieces.
  • A Waist Chain and a Maang-Tikka (For more Enthusiasts)

This are some basic tips for all you lovely ladies, offcourse for sarees we can continue writing but lengthy article will become boring and unenjoyable. So have fun with your favorite saree and combining accessories.

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