Basically Online Shopping means buying through a website or Shopping Portal via the internet, it is also known as Retailing Online 

Online Shopping websites are shopping websites that sell goods directly to the people via the internet. They are also called Online Shopping Portals.

Yes Online Shopping has gained much popularity among the Indian people. This trend started with big cities and is slowly gaining popularity across the nation and even people from smaller cities and villages have started purchasing online. With the internet gaining deeper reach, this trend of Online Shopping in India is surely expected to grow. The trend of online shopping is on the rise and researches have shown that more and more Indians are opting for e-commerce websites for their buying needs. There are a lot of home grown ecommerce web companies giving a tough competition to some of the biggest International brands. 

You will find lots of Indian Shopping websites. These websites cater specifically indigenous stuff. Even they offer shipping at most reasonable price around the globe 

There are many benefits for choosing Online Shopping, like: 

(1) The ease to shop from home or office at your convenience and comfort. That’s why it is called shop at your door steps.

(2) Time, energy and fuel Saving: You don’t have to spend extra time to travel all the way to shopping centers or malls in traffic, finding parking is also a headache. 

(3) Any Time is shopping time: Now a day peoples are always in hurry. No buddy has time unless its holiday and no one is ready to kill holiday for shopping. Another issue is timing, when you are in mood of shopping shops are closed. On the net, you can purchase any time you wish. In short we can say its 24 x 365 shop. 

(4) Different Payment methods: In India credit card or debit is not much popular till date. Cash on delivery facility, means buy now and pay later on delivery, is the best option for buyers, who don’t want to pay by Debit / Credit card. Online bank transfer option is also there if any buddy likes to pay direct from their account.

(5) Large selection at one go: The biggest benefit of online shopping is, you can surf whole website at your own pace to find your favorite products out of infinite choices with full know how about product. Finally select what you want to buy. No Sales person is there forcing you by giving false temptation to buy particular product.

(6) No Guilty feeling: Suppose you go to shop and do not find what you want, you come out with a guilty feeling of wasting your own time as well as shopkeeper’s time. But you will not have this feeling while shopping online. You can leave the website anytime you want; you can resume shopping again after finish some important work.

(7) Price Satisfaction: You can see all the prices transparently open, nothing can be hidden over there, and there is no chance of doubt about price. It gives mental satisfaction of Geneon rates. Anyone can compare price across stores for satisfaction.

(8) Discount Coupons / Offers and Sale: There are various promotions going on e-commerce web stores. Every now and then Web stores offer various schemes. Few of them offer discounts on 1st purchase. Shop your desired products at most reasonable rates with discount coupons, combo deals or flat rates on special schemes like festive sales

Indian e-commerce websites have created positive impressions on customers; customer has spread worldwide. One must check & confirm store’s positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied Clients Stylish Bazaar is devoted to provide you with the latest and hottest trends at competitive prices without compromising on the quality and style. We consistently strive to interpret and re-invent the products, to cater to lovers of Indian fashion, around the world.

Our main strength lies in picking the finest and latest products, best pricing, fastest deliveries and cordial executives of customer care is all time ready to support with any queries you may face during the shopping or post shopping phase. Stylish Bazaar offers order now and pay on delivery plus shipping at no extra cost across India and express international deliveries for buyers residing abroad.

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Ever one just wants to be gorgeous, perfectly dressed up in stylish and trendy looking outfits every day. Almighty has granted us health and wealth that is a pleasure but almost every other time; we are puzzled on certain issues. Especially females are full time worried about achieving exclusive look among others. It’s but natural, coz Almighty has also given additional tendency of competition to mankind...

We are well aware that you are here with high expectations; we hope by the grace of Almighty that we will fulfill your expectations all the way. First of all we would like to inform you that, India is a country having diverse cultures. It’s rich country by culture since centuries.

Indian fashion started from Royal families, at that time weaving of silk was in trend. Magnificent and Rich looking silk fabric has natural tendency of free fall, free flow, great feel and known as Rajwadi touch. Traditional handmade ornamental embroidery on Natural fabrics with Natural silk and pure gold thread was in fashion at that time. We should always thanks full to Almighty that we are blessed with persistently growing inclusion of those into with today’s fashion.

Till now Saree is the most popular outfit of Asian countries but three pieces dress Salwar Suit is becoming more and more popular in females of every generation. Today there are infinite choices in Indian traditional wear. There is a common mode salwar suit and several contemporary variants of it. There is only one style that is in current trend and will be the most lavish one to make every woman of various age group look everstylish. Glamorous Gowns and Lehenga-Choli are also popular outfits of India. Ethnic Indian wear, salwar-suits are most practical, sensible and easy to wear Traditional wear for women. Salwar-suit has become most popular dress among the world of women specially the ones that are non residential Indian Pakistani origin living abroad.

Being owners it’s our responsibility to guide you and we are pleased to guide you in selection of appropriate outfits, suitable to your body’s shape and structure. Let us understand different body shapes of human being at first. We can clearly identify shapes of body like: Pear, Apple, Slender, Athletic and hour-glass. You will find these kinds of shapes all around the Globe.

If you have decided to buy Salwar suits than you should know and understand few points and should consider it in selection of the dress. The dress Salwar kameez will always give slim & slick look to ladies of any age group and shape >

1. The season and climate should be considered at first. Basically Salwar suits are most convenient dress for every season. Mainly in summer you should wear loose & thin dress. You should also consider feel of the fabric. Soft feel fabric should be your first choice.
2. Choice of the fabric of the dress also depends upon the season and climate. Do not go for stretchy blended fabric in summer, due to sweating stretchy fabric will stick to the body. Eventually it will highlight curves of the body & it is considered as bad manners.
3. Do not go with Polyester Chiffon fabric if your body is bit bulky. Tendency of Chiffon fabric is to hang because of its crispiness due to special type of weaving patron. It will give you fluffy look. It will be better if you choose soft material like: Silk, Malay cotton, linen, viscose georgette than chiffon.
4. If your body structure is little bit bulky than you should prefer particular type of dress, long sleeved dresses and avoid deep neck and backless patterns in top of outfits. That will help you to look flat by hiding your fleshy tissues.
5. If your shape is extra slim and too skinny than you should go for floor length flared Anarkalis. That will help you to look beautiful. Umbrella type Anarkalis are not only for casual wear; Now Indian fashion industry is having machines with most advance technology for latest creations. You can find party wear, occasion wear, wedding wear designs and styles in this segment. Slightly loose Straight Cut A-line type flared dress will also help you to enhance your look.
6. Always check that bulky looking multiple layers, heavy frills and glittery/shiny parts of the top are not highlighting those parts of your body which you want to hide.
7. You should always go with wider or broader yoked dress, if you have identified that your body shape is pear type. Few styles of anarkali dresses are made with yoke. York creates perfect balance in-between lower and upper part of the top. Even some long designer gowns will also help you if your height is good enough.
8. Tall women should wear short & pleated tops and loose bottom wear like Patiala suit set or you can try Knee high Flared Lomg Anarkali Salwar Suit top with fluffy palazzo. Virtually it will cut your height and give you balanced & smart look.
9. Short women should always prefer parallel and bit shorter top. Length of the top should be in-between hips and knee. It is advisable to avoid too long or too short tops, means top should not be shorter than hips nor beyond knee long. The same parameters will apply for bulky body.
10. Thumb rule for geometric designs, either it may be printed of self design in weaving. Short ladies should go for vertical, tall one should go with none other than horizontal patterns.
11. One should follow Thumb rule for printed designs. Bulky women should go with small designs and slim one should go with bold designs of prints.
12. Above both norms are also applicable for embroidery designs.
13. Ever-stylish dress with slit cuts in top will match to every type body shapes. Trend of different type of slits is suitable for all type of body shapes. As on date single Side, both sides, front and back slits are in current trend. Length of slit may vary by length; it might start after hips or from knee level. The same way various style of pleating is also in latest fashion.
14. Slim framed female should always prefer Bright, shiny and bold colors. Broader looking females should go with Dusty, rustic and dark colors.

More points to note down like Location (in open ground or community hall) and Time (day or night) you are going to wear the dress. Mix and match, multi color, shaded, two-tone, different color tones of top and bottom, contrast or mono color matching of work, print and path work also effects the look of the dress. Impact of Work, lace or print on border and body also plays major part in look. You can experiment any color and experiment with colors since color also play vital role. Don’t Forget To Browse Our Low Price Collection as Below:

Long Anarkali Salwar Kameez Designs Anarkali Salwar Suit Collection Simple Anarkali Salwar Suits Collection Latest Anarkali Dress Designs And Anarkali Frock Designs
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